BEAUTY ln BLOOM (Scrap Our Stash DT work)

Happy Sunday!! My layout today is made with the Scrap Our Stash mid-month PICK YOUR SIDE SKETCH CHALLENGE. I chose the left side.

こんにちは!今日のレイアウトは、Scrap Our Stash のDTワークです。私は左のスケッチを使いました。

I decided to use a large photo for this challenge. First of all I painted the background with shimmery ink. I scraped it with a card, and also sprayed some. The picture is my daughter under the cherry blossoms, so I used this gorgeous cutfile. I painted the cutfile with gold paint and did some stitching inside some of the flowers. I used gold washi tape (which is also part of the challenge) on the top and bottom edge of the layout as accents. Here are the close-ups;


Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope many of you will join us!


Natsuko xxx



Hello again! Here is my mid-month layout for CSI ! I love the fun atmosphere of this casefile. Check the websites for details and submit your layouts to the facebook group album so we can see it ;)

またまたこんにちは!今度は CSI で作ったレイアウトです。このチャレンジの楽しい雰囲気が大好き!詳細はサイトをチェックして、できたレイアウトはFBページのアルバムに追加して下さいね♪

I painted the background with shimmery paint and layered cloud shaped cutfiles. I fussy cut suns and clouds and placed them throughout the layout. I made kites with a patchwork pattern and chain stitched the middle. Added some more embellishments and that's about it! The picture is my daughter with her favorite sunglasses. She wore it all summer that year!! Here are the close-ups;

まず背景をキラキラしたペイントで着色してカットファイルで切り出した雲を配置。太陽や雲をカットアウトして全体に散りばめました。凧はパッチワークのようにペーパーを貼り付け、真ん中をチェーンステッチしました。さらにエンベリを少し足して完成!写真は、お気に入りのサングラスをかけた娘(^^♪ 夏中ずっとかけてました 笑。クローズアップです;

Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you have fun creating too!!


Natsuko xxx


wonderful laughter

Hi! I made this colorful layout with the new beautiful cutfile designed by Paige Evans! I painted each flower with watercolors, and added rhinestones and stitching (again! lol). I really had fun making this♪ Here are the close-ups;

こんにちは!今日は、Paige evans の素敵なカットファイルを使ってレイアウトを作りました。お花を水彩絵の具で着色し、ラインストーンやステッチ(また!笑)で飾りつけ。すごく楽しく作れました!クローズアップです;

Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a nice day!!


Natsuko xxx


celebrate the little things (Scrap Our Stash DT Work)

Hi! Here is my new layout for the Scrap Our Stash Saturday Cartoon Sketch Challenge. Create a layout inspired by the cartoon and sketch, plus you must use a green embellishment(s) on your layout.

こんにちは!今日のレイアウトは、Scrap Our Stash のカートゥーンスケッチチャレンジです。スヌーピーとスケッチから受けたインスピレーションと、緑のエンベリを使ってレイアウトを作ること。

I love Snoopy♡ I used to watch it when I was a kid, and I still have many comic books. I love all the different characters and reminds me of my childhood. I want my daughter to have a lot of great memories of her childhood too, so I chose pictures of my daughter playing with her childhood friends.

Instead of using paper, I painted the background with green shimmery paint on the left side.  On the right side, I adhered patterned paper and stitched the edge in a zig zag line. I layered foam under the pictures to add dimention and a tag above the photos. I fussy cut a lot of flowers and leaves from paper and decorated the layout along with a frame, medallion and stickers. Here are some close-ups;



Green is a relaxing color, and I love the combination with mustard yellow. Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you will enjoy participating in the challenge!

グリーンは癒しのカラーですよね!マスタードイエローとの組み合わせもいい感じ♪ 訪問して下さり、ありがとうございました。皆さんも楽しんで参加してくれますように(^^♪

Natsuko xxx



Hello again! This is my layout for the new CSI Case file! Here is the case file and you can see the details in the facebook community. (There's a link to it from the CSI blog)

またまたこんにちは!今回は、CSI の新しいチャレンジで作ったレイアウトを紹介します。詳細はCSIのFBコミュニティに載っています(CSI ブログからコミュニティに飛べます)ので、チェックしてみてね♪

I was inspired by the frames, plants and all the colors from the scene, and also picked stripes, watercolor, scissors and cups from the evidence. First of all, I cut thin strips of paper and adhered them around the edges of the paper. Then I used texture paint and stencils to create patterns on the background, and colored several parts with light green and yellow watercolors. I cut out frames from project cards and paper and lined them along with chipboard frames. I drew some curvy lines with a pencil and stitched over them with several colors (yay! I did it again! Stitching!!). I clipped the frames with clothepins and adhered them under the lines. I popped some of them up to add dimention. I fussy cut bits and pieces from paper and embellished each frame. I also added wooden pieces, buttons, chipboard, stickers and a ribbon. Here are the close-ups;


I love how fun and colorful this turned out!  Hope you will enjoy creating with this case file too!
Can't wait to see them! Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a nice scrappy day!

カラフルで楽しいレイアウトに仕上がりました♪ 皆さんもチャレンジしてみてね。楽しみにしています。訪問してくださり、ありがとうございました。よい一日を♡

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Natsuko xxx

START HERE (Let's Get Sketchy DT Work)

My second layout for this month is made with the sketch from Let's Get Sketchy. Here is the sketch!

今月2つ目のレイアウトは、Let's Get Sketchy のスケッチで作りました。こちらがスケッチ♪

These are pictures of my daughter searching for the exit in a maze. The green walls were higher than her height, so she had no idea where she was going. She was making this annoying face, and I thought this was a fun moment to scrap.


I pulled out all my washi tapes and strips of leftover paper and created border patterns. Because it was so colorful and busy, I spread some white gesso over them to fade some of the colors. Then I stitched between the lines with matching thread to add dimention. I stitched the three corners too. I popped up the pictures and a journal and decorated around them with chipboard, wooden flairs, dew drops, puffy stickers, diecuts and a clip. Here are the details;


It turned out pretty busy, but I'm happy to use up quite a bit of my stash. I'm a bit addicted to hand stitching this month, and I love the results. Thank you so much for visiting, and I hope you will play along!


Natsuko xxx

love you (White...with 1 DT Work)

My very first layout for March is this new Challenge from White...with 1. This month's color is ROYAL BLUE, plus there is a mood board for further inspiration.

3月最初のレイアウトは、White...with 1 の新しいチャレンジです。今月の色は、ロイヤル・ブルー+ムードボードもありますよ♪

I really struggled with this layout since I didn't have any royal blue paper, but as I was digging into my stash I finally came up with an idea...hand stitching. I used a mosaic cutfile and before I adhered it to the white cardstock, I splattered some blue ink on the background. I punched holes with a safety pin and chain stitched all over the patterns. I almost regretted that I started it; the holes were uneven, the paper began to rip, the thread tangled many times...but I did it! Yay!! I know that the stitches are far from perfect, but still! I love how it turned out. I didn't want to cover much of the stitches, so I just added a few wooden embellishments and hid a tag under the photo. Here are the close-ups;


It took forever to finish this layout, but it was fun trying to do something new. I hope it inspired you in some way:) Thank you so much for stopping by, and see you in the next layout!

すごーく時間がかかりましたが、新しいことにトライするのは楽しかったです♪ 皆さんの作品作りに、少しでもヒントになればうれしいな。次のレイアウトはLet's Get Sketchy のDTワークです。よかったら見てね♡


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Natsuko xxx