This makes me HAPPY (Scrap Our Stash DT Work)

I'm so happy to share my take on the Blend-A-Sketch Challenge of Scrap Our Stash. Here are the sketches. I took the vertical design from the right sketch, and the photo block and title from the left.
Scrap Our Stash のDTワークです♪ 二つのスケッチを組み合わせてレイアウトを作ること!私は右側の縦デザインと、左側の写真のとタイトルの配置を使って作りました。
This is another summer picture of my daughter. We went to a water park with our friends, and the children had so much fun!! I applied a coat of gesso as usual, and painted the background with yellow and blue paint. I cut out a piece of patterned paper and placed it in the center. I used a cut file of lemonslices with white cardstock and painted them with shimmerz. I backed the photos with white gauze and adhered them to patterned paper. I cut our some pieces with ARROWS (which is also included in the challenge) and placed them under and over the pictures. I also used diecut pieces, enamel dots, dew drops and epoxy stickers. I splashed some more paint throught the layout and that's about it!

またまた夏レイアウトです。友達とウォーターパークに行った時の写真ですが、子供たちは本当に楽しそうでした♪ まずはいつも通り、ジェッソを塗りました。その後ブルーとイエローの絵の具で着色。太めのボーダーをカットし、中心に貼りつけました。ダイカットマシンでレモンを切り出し、ラメ入りのペイントで着色。写真にガーゼを重ね、ペーパーに貼りつけました。もう一つのチャレンジ、矢印を使うこと、を達成するために、ペーパーから矢印つきのものをカットアウトし、写真の下と上に重ねました。また、ダイカットやエナメルドッツ、デュードロップ、ぷっくりステッカーなどを使って飾りつけ。レイアウト全体に絵の具を飛ばして完成!

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amazing (Let's Get Sketchy DT work)

Hi! I'm happy to share my new layout I made for the Let's Get Sketchy design team. Here is the sketch;
こんにちは!今日は、 Let's Get Sketchy のDTワークです。こちらがスケッチ。
I used 4 pictures as in the sketch. I chose watercolor paper for the background, and splattered several colors. After it had dried, I placed gears that I cut out with my big shot machine and sewed them like a banner. Under and around the pictures, I embellished with cut out bits and pieces. I also used chipboard stickers and wooden flairs. I popped up the title, wrote a journal in gold and finished the layout. Here are the details;



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sunkissed (CSI CASE FILE #260 DT Work)

Hi scrappers!  Today's layout is based on the new case file from CSI. I was inspired by the colors and the dress. From the evidence I used a Floral pattern, Flowers, leaves and watercolor.
スクラッパーの皆さん、こんにちは!今日のレイアウトは、CSI のチャレンジで作りました。 色と、イラストの洋服からインスピレーションをもらいました。他に、チャレンジの中で選んだのは花柄、お花と葉っぱ、水彩絵の具です。(詳しいチャレンジ内容は、サイトをチェックしてね!日本語での質問はここで受け付けます♪)
I used some pictures of my daughter playing in the swimming pool in Guam. She was so happy, and wouldn't come out until she was so tired. I started with spreading gesso on the background.
After it had dried, I painted the center with yellow paint. I did a lot of fussy cutting; lemon slices, flowers and leaves. I placed all the pieces with the pictures, and stamped some more flowers, butterflies and words. I finished the layout with splatters of pink and blue paint and dew drops. Here are some close-ups;

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GOOD FRIENDS (Scrap Our Stash DT Work)

Hi! Hope you're enjoying scrapping! Today I made this layout with the Scrap Our Stash Golden Globe Stash Challenge. This month's movie is Thelma & Louise! I've watched this so many times and I love it!  So, the challenge is to create a layout inspired by this movie and, use a JOURNAL CARD and the word FRIEND somewhere on your layout.
 こんにちは!スクラップ楽しんでますか?今日のレイアウトは、Scrap Our Stash のDTワークです。今月の映画はテルマ&ルイーズ。この映画大好きで何度も見ました!若き日のブラピも出てますよね(笑) この映画をヒントにしてレイアウトを作ること、それからジャーナルカードと、FRIENDという言葉をどこかに入れること♪

These are pictures of my daughter and her best friend doing silly things together. I wanted to make this layout fun, happy, colorful and disorganized. I tore a big piece of striped patterned paper and adhered it to cardstock, spreaded white gesso and faded the stripes. I layered the pictures with journal cards, and cut out a camera from another. I used a lot of ephemeras throughout the layout. On the left side, I painted circles and placed all the alphas to make a very long title. I drew stitches around the cardstock with a gold pen, and that is pretty much it! Here are the details;

娘と娘の親友の写真を使いました。二人はいつもくだらないことでゲラゲラ笑って遊んでいます(笑) そんな二人にぴったりの、楽しくてカラフルで、散らかった?笑 レイアウトを作ることに。まず、ストライプのペーパーをちぎり、無地のペーパーに貼りつけ、ジェッソを塗ってストライプを和らげました。写真にジャーナルカードを重ね、カメラもカードからカットアウトしました。全体に色んなダイカットを使い、楽しい雰囲気に。左側には、カラフルな丸を絵の具で描いて、様々な字体のアルファベットで長いタイトルを。周りをゴールドのペンでステッチを描いて完成!簡単!

I like this disorganized look; I think it's perfect for the pictures and the theme. I'm looking forward to seeing all your layouts! Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a nice day♡

このごちゃっとして雰囲気!写真とテーマにピッタリだと思います(^○^) 皆さんのレイアウトも楽しみしています♪ 訪問して下さり、ありがとうございました。良い一日を♡

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ALWAYS BELIEVE (Let's Get Sketchy DT Work)

Hi scrappy friends! I'm excited to share my layout I made with the new sketch from Let's Get Sketchy! Here is the sketch:)

スクラッパーの皆さん、こんにちは!今日は、 Let's Get Sketchy の新しいスケッチで作ったレイアウトを紹介します♪ こちらがスケッチ。

This layout came together pretty quick! I lined up strips of paper, washi tape and ribbons with various colors! Then I cut out some words and adhered them to the strips.


I added embellishments such as heart puffy stickers, a clip and a flair button.
On the left side, I tore three places and adhered colorful paper underneath so the colors will peek out. I also splattered several colors of paint.


I backed the pictures with foam and slipped a tag behind every picture.


I really love colorful layouts, especially during summer! They make me happy and energetic. Hope you like it! Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a nice week!

特に夏はカラフルなレイアウトが大好きになります!ワクワクするし、エネルギーがもらえます♪ 皆さんにも気に入ってもらえるといいな。立ち寄って下さり、ありがとうございました!よい1週間を!

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Hi again! Today I have a layout I made with the new case file from CSI. I was inspired by the colors, map pattern and the vehicles. I used a cut file to create a map, and backed some of the open spaces with patterned paper. I spread some orange and blue paint on the background before I adhered the map. I popped up the photo with foam so it creates dimention, and embellished throughout the layout with diecuts, puffy stickers, stars, enamel dots, a flair button and a ribbon. I also stamped with black ink in some of the spaces. Here are the close-ups;

再びこんにちは!今日のレイアウトは、CSI の新しいチャレンジで作りました。色や地図、乗り物などからインスピレーションをもらいました。地図は、カットファイルを使って表現。空いているところどころにパターンペーパーを重ねました。貼りつける前に、背景をオレンジとブルーの絵の具で着色しました。写真はフォームを重ねてポップアップし、立体感をプラス。後は全体にダイカットやステッカー、星、エナメルドッツ、ボタンとリボンで飾りつけました。その他の空きスペースにスタンプをして完成!

It was fun (actually I always have fun) making this layout! Hope you'll join us! Thank you for stopping by, and see you soon!
このレイアウトも楽しく作れました!(いつも楽しんでいますが 笑)皆さんのご参加をお待ちしています♪ 訪問して下さりありがとうございました!
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LOVE (White...with 1 DT Work)

Hi! The first layout of August is this one I made for White...with 1. This month's color is Sunny Yellow. Plus, you have a sketch if you wish.
こんにちは!8月最初のレイアウトはWhite...with 1 のチャレンジで作ったものです。今月の色は、サニーイエロー。スケッチもあるので、良かったら合わせてどうぞ!

I wanted my daughter to have agricultural experiences, so I used to take her to various events every month. This time it was eggplant picking. This is a picture of my daughter picking eggplants. We brought home a lot of them, and they were very fresh and delicous!


I didn't have much paper or embellishments of this color, so I decided to use paint. I just used my paint brush and made strokes. It turned out to be like a frame. Then I cut out a certain amount of paper and a strip and adhered them to the background. I pulled out my sihouette and used a flower cut file. I backed the flowers with paper and placed the pictures with paper layered underneath. For the clutter on the right, I used diecuts and a flair. I finished the layout by scattering enamel dots. Here are the details;



Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you have a happy scrappy week!

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