Hi everyone! Today's layout is based on the sketch of  My Creative Sketches.
Here is the sketch:)

皆さんこんにちは!今日のレイアウトは My Creative Sketches のスケッチで作りました。
This is my daughter when she was in pre-school, waiting for the school bus. I love this picture because she looks so happy and carefree.
I wanted to make a cute and fun layout, so I used bright, colorful paper. I colored the edges around the background with turquoise paint, and layered all the papers and placed them in the middle. For embellishments, I fussy cut out bits and pieces from paper, and popped some of the up to make dimention. This is quite a simple layout; I realized that I only used paper! Still, I love how it turned out. It's so colorful and happy. Here are some close- ups;

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Natsuko xxx


CUTE (Scrap Our Stash DT work)

Today's layout is based on the Sketch Challenge from Scrap Our Stash!
Rule: Create a layout inspired by this sketch and add a stash item from your stash that starts with each letter of the word-CHARM
I chose C-Crate paper, H-Heart, A-Arrow, R-Ribbon, M-Metallic Texture Paste
And here is the lovely sketch;

今日のレイアウトは、Scrap Our Stash のスケッチチャレンジに基づいたものです!
私は、Crate Paper、ハート、矢印、リボン、メタリックテクスチャ―ペーストを使いました。

This is a picture of my daughter after eating ice cream:) We were telling her she had some on her chin, but she was refusing to wipe it off!  It was funny because she was hiding her arms behind her and told us she could lick them all off. She kept licking around her mouth but it never reached her chin...lol!!


Most of the papers are CRATE PAPER, and I used METALLIC TEXTURE PASTE (heidi swapp, my favorite) and Shimmerz mist (also my favorite) to create the bee hive pattern on the background. I layered several paper as in the sketch, and placed the photos. I fussy cut some flowers and leaves and decorated around them. I used laced RIBBON on the upper right and on the lower left. The HEARTS and ARROWS are used in the colk stickers. I also used venner clips and finished my layout by drawing a circle with gold glitter glue. Here are the details;

ほぼ全部、CRATE PAPERのペーパーを使っています。背景は、ペーストとミストを使って蜂の巣模様をつけました。スケッチのようにペーパーを重ね、写真を配置。お花と葉っぱはペーパーから切り出し、写真の周りに飾りました。リボンは右上と左下に、ハートと矢印は、コルクステッカーを使いました。木製クリップをつけ、ゴールドのグリッターグルーで円を描いて完成!

The Challenge is open til March 29th! Make sure to link up by then! Love to see your layouts♡
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Natsuko xxx


SO HAPPY (Stuck?! Sketches DTwork)

The second Sketch Challenge this month from Stuck?! Sketches is this one! Another super amazing sketch!!

Stuck?! Sketches 今月二つ目のスケッチはこちら!またまた、素敵で楽しいスケッチ♪

I used pictures when we visited our friends in Fukuoka. These were taken on the last day of our stay. We had a few hours before departure, and we were buying stuff for our friends back home. The kids suddenly started to play with this unique bike (I think it was meant for toddlers though, lol) and they enjoyed it so much! I love their faces, they look so happy:)

I used a mask and heidi swapp texture paste for the background. Love this texture paste!! I cut out circles in several sizes from patterned paper and layered or tucked them behind the middle paper. The ring shaped circle was an alphabet O.  I matted the pictures with yellow and pink paper, and embellished around with fussy cut butterflies, twine, acrylic shapes, dew drops, chipboard and diecuts. I love how this turned out and here are some close-ups;

福岡の友達のところに遊びに行った時の写真です。最終日、出発までに数時間あったのでお土産を買ったりしていたのですが…子供たちは面白自転車発見!乗って遊びだしました。その様子があまりにも楽しそうで、こっちまで楽しい気分に♪ 特に年齢制限はなかったのですが、たぶん幼稚園生向け…(笑)

背景にはマスクとテクスチャ―ペーストで模様をつけてアクセントに。このペースト、Heidi Swapp のですが使いやすくて好き!色んなサイズの丸をペーパーから切り出し、重ねたり真ん中のペーパーからのぞかせたりしました。リング型の丸は実はアルファベットのO!黄色とピンクのペーパーを重ねて写真のマットにし、エンベリには、切り出した蝶、トワイン、アクリルパーツ、デュードロップ、チップボード、ダイカットを使いました。楽しいレイアウトに仕上がって大満足♪

The sponsors for this challenge are the following.


Charm Creations is offering a $20 gift certificate! ($20ギフト券)

Wycinanka is offering a themed prize pack! (賞品パック)

The Challenge is open til March 29th!
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memories (DT work)

The second challenge this month for Colorful Creations is this Monochromatic Challenge!
Rule : Create a layout using one color. You may use all shades of that color. You are also to use only one photo.

Colorful Creations の今月2つ目のチャレンジは、モノクロマティックチャレンジです!1色だけでレイアウトをつくること!(濃淡はOK)それから、写真は1枚だけ使うことがルールです。

I used a picture when we went on a trip to Awaji Island with my friend's family. We drank fresh milk at the farm, spent some time with the animals and took a break. The two are friends since they were a baby, and because they were always together and their height were alike, they were often mistaken as twins. Wow, it's been a long time since then...time flies. Now they are in different schools and don't see each other much, but they are still good friends:)


I chose brown. I printed the picture in sepia, to match the layout. I cut out the middle of this lace paper and attached it to a firm patterned paper. In the open space, I smudged several shades of brown with oil pastels and water and covered the title and diecuts with bronze glitter glue. I layered some strips of paper and book paper under the picture and embellished around it with flowers, a wooden frame and a pearly string. Here are some close-ups;


The Challenge is open til March 29th, so link up to the side bar of Colorful Creations by then and tag on Instagram @ourcolorfulcreations!
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Natsuko xxx


love my girl

Today's layout is based on the Challenge of ARTastic. The inspiration is An image of November by William Rose. CRITERIA is the use of STENCILS.
今日のレイアウトは、ARTastic のインスピレーションチャレンジです。William Rose の絵と、ステンシルを使うこと。

I used pictures of me and my daughter by the cherry blossoms. She was making funny faces so I tickled her, and that's when the pictures were taken. lol!

I used grid stencils and silver paint to create similar patterns like the image picture. Then I spread yellow and pink ink to add a bit of color and placed the pictures in the center. I didn't use a mat under the pictures this time but I distressed the edges and  popped up the right one to add dimention. I used a transparency diecut and pearly flowers and layered them under the picture. Also, I used a lot of wood veneer shapes. I love the purple prima flower, as it adds color. On the corners, I used black rhinestone to spice up the layout. Here are some close-ups;



I like how the yellow and pink stands out in the black background. I always want to add some color:)
Thank you for visiting:)

黄色とピンクが黒い背景に引き立っているところがお気に入り♪ いつも何か彩りを添えたい(^○^)

Natsuko xxx

LIVE colorfully

Hi everyone!! Today I played along with Show Us Your Stuff. I made a layout based on the 'This or That' challenge.
Rule : You need to choose 4 items from the 'this or that' list to include on your page - stars or hearts, sequins or buttons, washi or ribbon, spots or stripes! You can include other items, but these must be visible! Also, you need to add a handmade item! Here is the list.
こんにちは!今日は、Show Us Your Stuff のチャレンジでレイアウトを作ってみました。

I chose Stars, Sequins, Washi and Spots. My handmade item is the banner.


This is a picture when we went to Universal Studio Japan a few years ago. My daughter's friend loves roller coasters but my daughter is terrified of them (ever since she was forced to ride one when she was only 3 by her dad...) and there were only a few things she could ride without freaking out. A merry-go-round is one of them, and although I think her friend wasn't so excited to ride it, he said yes, and got on with her. So sweet, isn't he? I hope she would be able to enjoy other thrilling rides when she gets older:)

写真は数年前、ユニバーサルスタジオに行った時のものです。娘の友達はジェットコースター大好き。一方、娘は全然ダメ、、3歳の時にお父さんに無理やり乗せられて以来トラウマに…。なので怖がらずに乗れるものが限られていて、メリーゴーランドはその一つ(笑) 友達は全然興味なかったと思いますが快く付き合ってくれました。なんて優しい子♡ この先、徐々に色々乗れるようになったらいいなぁ。

I used a template and spread Metallic texture paste to create the spotty background. I matted the photo with gauze and paper and placed it in the middle of the spots. The handmade banner is made with washi tape. I cut strips of washi tape, placed glittery thread in the middle, folded the tape in half and cut it in a triangle shape. I popped up the title and embellished around the picture with flairs, sequins and stars. I love how this turned out! Here are some details;





Thank you so much for visiting:)




live simply

Today I made a super fun layout with a sketch from Creative Scrappers!
Here is the sketch;

今日は、 Creative Scrappers のスケッチで楽しくてカラフルなレイアウトを作りました!

I think I've used similar pictures before, but since the paper was all about umbrellas! I wanted to use them again:) It was a sunny day, but she wanted to use her new umbrella. She was posing and singing in my in-laws lovely garden.
前にも使ったことのある写真ですが、使いたかったペーパーが傘だらけ!!だったのでまた使うことに♪ すごくいい天気のいい日なのに、新しい傘をさしてポーズとったり歌ったり(笑)
I wanted to make a fun and colorful layout, and I started with fussy cutting the umbrellas from the paper. I used oil pastels (the same colors as the umbrellas) and water and smudged them on white cardstock. I lined up the umbrellas and machine-stitched between them. I layered another piece over some of the umbrellas to add dimention. Here are some close-ups;

I really had fun making this layout!! I realized I love colorful layouts the best and it's my style:)
Thank you for visiting!
Natsuko xxx