take me away (Scrap Our Stash DT Work)

Hi! I'm sharing my layout for the Blend -A- Sketch Challenge from Scrap Our Stash! Here are the sketches.
こんにちは!今日のレイアウトは、Scrap Our Stash のDTワークです♪ こちらが組み合わせるスケッチです♡
I took the layers and the cluster on the upper right frrom the left sketch, and the circles from the right. I used polka dot paper in one of the layers, and also scattered enamel dots around the title but you don't have to use both:)

I spread some gold textured paste on the background to match the gold title. I tore strips of paper and layered them under the pictures, cut out circles with different sizes and layered them too. For embellies, I used buttons, a clip, wooden pieces and a ribbon made from thread.



Thank you so much for stopping by. Stay creative!!

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Natsuko xxx


TOGETHER (Let's Get Sketchy DT Work)

Hi friends! I'm happy to share my layout for the new sketch from Let's Get Sketchy! Here is the awesome sketch:)
こんにちは!今日は、Let's Get Sketchy の新しいスケッチで作ったレイアウトを紹介します♡ こちらがスケッチ♪
I pretty much followed the sketch. I layered several patterned papers and sewed them together with several colors. Then I used a stencil and modeling paste to create star patterns. I used stickers, ephemeras and chipboard to embellish around the picture. Some are popped up with foam. I lined rhinestones on the stars like shooting stars. Here are some close-ups;


Thank you so much for stopping by, and I hope you will join us!
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Natsuko xxx


Hi! The new Case File from CSI has been revealed, and this is my take!
こんにちは!今日のレイアウトは、CSI の新しいチャレンジで作ったDTワークです♪
I used the colors plus dots, diamond pattern,  triangles, a frame, a clip,  puffy stickers and hearts from the evidence. I created the diamond patterns with stencils and silver texture paint, and hearts with black acrylic paint. I layered several pattened papers under the photo and popped it up to add dimention. For embellies, I used chipboard, puffy stickers, acetate, sequins and a button. Here are some details;
チャレンジの色に加えて、ドット、ダイヤ柄、三角、フレーム、クリップ、ぷっくりステッカー、ハートを選んで使いました(詳しくはCSI のブログを見てね!)ダイヤ柄はステンシルとシルバーのテクスチャペイントを使い、ハートは黒のアクリル絵の具を使って模様づけ。写真の下には数種類のペーパーを重ね、立体感を出すためにポップアップしました。エンベリにはチップボード、ステッカー、アセテート、スパンコールとボタンを使いました。

I love how this turned out, and I hope you'll enjoy creating your layout too! Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a nice day!
楽しく作れました!皆さんも楽しんでくださいね♪ 訪問して下さり、ありがとうございました。良い一日を♡

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CUTE memories (Scrap Our Stash DT Work)

Hello! Today I'm sharing my layout for the Golden Globe Stash Challenge for Scrap Our Stash. Here is the challenge, and don't forget to add CLOUDS in your layout!
こんにちは!今日のレイアウトは、Scrap Our Stash のDTワークです。こちらがチャレンジ。雲を入れることをお忘れなく!!
I took inspiration from the air balloon, so I fussy cut a lot of them from patterned paper. I spread white gesso before I adhered them, and painted over the gesso with watercolors. It's subtle, but you can see the soft colors. After I placed the photos, I randomly put all the air balloons and fussy cut clouds throughout the layout. I put foam under some of the air balloons to add dimention. I tucked a tag under each photo, and tied a ribbon on them. Here are some details;


It was fun making this layout, and I hope you will too! Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a nice day!!

ほとんどカットアウトして作ったレイアウトですが、楽しかったです。皆さんも是非楽しんで参加してみて下さいね♪ 訪問して下さり、ありがとうございました。良い一日を!
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Natsuko xxx


BE happy ALWAYS (Let's Get Sketchy DT Work)


Hi scrappers!! My new layout for today is based on the sketch of Let's Get Sketchy!! Here is the sketch:)

こんにちは!今日のレイアウトは、Let's Get Sketchy の新しいスケッチで作ったDTワークです♪ こちらがスケッチ!

As you might know, I love colorful layouts. I was immediately inspired by the colors as well as the sketch. I was flipping through my paper stash, and I found this lovely paper with colorful stars! So! I started with fussy cutting the stars. I used watercolor paper for the background, and painted it with several colors. Then I randomly placed the stars, leaving some space for the pictures. I matted the pictures with tissue paper and put foam underneath them to add dimention. The ephemeras and stickers made the layout really cute and fun!! Here are some close-ups;

ご存知の方もいらっしゃると思いますが…私はカラフルなレイアウトが大好き!なのでスケッチと同じくらい色にも惹かれました。早速ペーパーを探していると、カラフルスターのペーパーが♡ これはカットアウトして使わねば(笑) 台紙には水彩絵の具用のペーパーを使いました。数色塗って乾かし、写真のスペースを空けて星をランダムに貼りつけました。写真を包装紙でマットし、立体感をだすためにポップアップ。ダイカットやステッカーで飾り、キュートで楽しい雰囲気に仕上がりました♪

I stitched through the title...and tada! Complete! Love how it turned out!!


I hope you will enjoy this challenge, and thank you so much for stopping by!

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Natsuko xxx

go see do (CSI CASE FIE #251 DT Work)

Hi scrappy friends! I'm excited to share my layout for the new case file of CSI! Here is the case file;
スクラッパー皆さん、こんにちは!今日は、CSI の新しいチャレンジのDTワークです。こちらがチャレンジ。詳しい内容は、CSI ブログをチェックしてね。わからないことがあれば、気軽に質問して下さいね♪

I chose the colors, textured paper, animal (I didn't have any llamas so I used a picture with a monkey), flower, zig-zag stitching and texture paint.


First of all, I used a stencil and texture paint (gel mediun) to create patterns and after it had dried, I sprayed and painted over the patterns. I love how the medium resists the ink. Next I zig-zag stitched randomly in the lower half of the layout with colorful thread that matches the ink. I fussy cut some flowers and decorated them around the photo. For embellishments, I used stickers, word diecuts and chipboard for the title. I didn't use many products, but I love how it turned out. Here are some details;




I hope you will join us! Thank you so much for stopping by, and have a crafty week♡

たくさんのご参加、お待ちしております。 立ち寄って下さり、ありがとうございました!良い一日を♪
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Natsuko xxx

hello awesome (White...with 1 DT Work)

Hi friends!! Today I'll share my layout for White...with 1. This month's color is Toffee Crunch! Plus there's a sketch to go with the challenge:)
皆さんこんにちは!今日は、White...with 1 の新しいチャレンジのDTワークです。今月の色はこちら。スケッチもあるので是非組み合わせて作ってね♪


I didn't have any paper that matches the color, so I used a brown watercolor crayon and a stencil to create a pattern in the background. I also drew lines and blended them with water. I matted the pictures with paper and painted the edges with the same color. For embellishments, I used wooden veneer parts. Some of them were too light, so I painted them. I outlined the veneers with a brown pen so they will stand out. On the wooden tag, I tied a ribbon. I also used colk embellishments and stickers. I finished the layout by stitching around the layout. Here are some close-ups;



It was quite a challenge for me, but I'm happy with what I created. Hope many of you will join us! Enjoy!! Thank you for stopping by and have a nice day!
結構難しいチャレンジでしたが、満足です♪ たくさんのご参加、お待ちしております。楽しんでくださいね!訪問して下さり、ありがとうございました。
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Natsuko xxx