Happy news !!

I have some happy news today:)
I was chosen as a monthly highlight in ARTastic Challenge Blog.
This is the layout.
ARTastic チャレンジブログの1月のハイライトに選ばれました、やったー♪

And this is the link to the challenge blog.

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Childhood MEMORIES


The new challenge for today is from Scrap Our Stash . It is a sketch +(3)challange, and this is what I chose; Arrows from LIST 1, Butterflies from LIST 2, and Carta Bella from LIST 3.

今回はScrap Our Stash からの新しいチャレンジです。スケッチ+3つのチャレンジで、私が選んだのは次の3つです。矢印、蝶、Carta Bella のペーパーです。

I used my daughter and her friend's picture playing at the park. They were excited than usual, because there was a railroad around it. They were walking along the track endlessly...
To create a rusty look,  I used black paint to ink the edges of the paper and dabbed some ink in other places as well, randomly.  I also drew a circle with it to follow the sketch. I layered bits and pieces of paper and chipboard to create depth, and popped up the title. I painted the title with two colors, first yellow and then added a bit of white. Here's some closeups;


The challange is open until Jan.29. I found this challenge very exciting, with many possibilities and new inspiration. Thank you for visiting my blog:)

チャレンジは、1月29日までです。スケッチとチャレンジの組み合わせは色々な可能性や新しいひらめきを生み出すのですごく楽しいです♪ ブログを訪問していただき、ありがとうございました。



Todays challenge is from ARTastic. It's based on this wonderful painting by Isabelle May Tweddle called Bondi Scene. The criteria is a summer theme.
今日のチャレンジは、ARTastic の素敵な絵を元にしています。テーマは夏です。

I have a lot of summer pictures, so it took me a while to pick one. Every summer, I visit my friend's family with my daughter. They moved several years ago, and now live in a different prefecture, but it has become an annual summer event:) I chose a photo of my daughter when we visited them. She looks so happy and comfortable, enjoying the breeze from the ocean.

I wanted to express the shining ocean by sprinkling glitter on the background. It doesn't show much, but you can see it shine in different angles. I layered some paper and borders and fussy cut some die cuts. I colored around the layer of paper with watercolor pencils, for a soft look. Sprinkling some dew drops and rhinestones added an extra spark.


The challenge is open until Jan. 31. So many inspiring layouts and projects are there, so please take a look :) Thank you for visiting my blog.
チャレンジは、1月31日までです。ここにも素敵なアート作品が多数見られるので、良かったら覗いてみてくださいね♪ 訪問していただき、ありがとうございました。




Today I made a new layout based on this new sketch from Let's Get Sketchy! .
In Japan, we have a custom to celebrate their growth by going to shrines usually in November.
It's called SHICHIGOSAN, which literally means the numbers 753. Girls at the age of 3 and 7 and boys at the age of 3 and 5 wear traditional kimonos for that occasion. This is my daughter when she was 7 years old and it was her first experience to have her hair done plus a little make-up! As I've mentioned before, my daughter is usually very boyish, so I was worried whether she would sit quietly while dressing up, but actually she enjoyed it very much :) I wanted her to wear the traditional Japanese patterned kimono, but she chose this one; less traditional with all the roses....However, I think it was the right decision!

Let's Get Sketchy! の新しいスケッチでまたまた作りました!
今回は娘の七五三の写真を使いました。初めてのお化粧、ヘアメイクでしたが、じゃじゃ馬娘も楽しかったみたいです♡ 本当は伝統的な柄の着物を着てほしかったのですが、選んだのはモダンなバラ。でもよく似合ってる(笑) 結果オーライです(*^^*)

Here's the sketch:

From the sketch, I thought of splattering a lot of paint, but I just sprinkled light colored mists here and there...and Mica fragments so it will glitter. I put gesso and several layers of gold ink on the circle frame, and then took some ink off to make it look antique.

最初は着色メインで、と思ったのですが、薄めの色で最小限にとどめました。その代わり、キラキラのミカ フラグメントを貼って華やかさを出しました。フレームは、ジェッソを下地に塗ってから金色のインクを塗り重ね、アンティークっぽく見えるようにすこし剥がしました。

I popped up the picures and put some pearled stickers underneath. Also, I used a piece of transparent die cut on the main photo; I think it turned out very elegant.

The sketch is open till Jan.31st. There are many inspiring layouts so go ahead and take a look!!
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Today's layout is not based on a sketch, but a book inspired challenge from Scrap Our Stash .
This is the challenge.
今日は、スケッチではなく、 Scrap Our Stash のチャレンジを元にして作りました。こちらがチャレンジです。

I didn't know this book, but I was attracted to the colors...and the cat.
We don't have a cat, but my in-laws used to have a rabbit, and my daughter loved him :)
He died several months after this picture was taken though. My daughter was so sad, but she loves this picture. The cat somehow reminded me of him, so I decided to use this photo.

I used gesso and paint to create the background. I smudged some gesso on the layered papers too, so it will blend with each other. A lot of layers; paper, transparent die cuts, and chipboard.


I put some liquid pearls on the title, which was originally plain white, and made it look like epoxy stickers.

Another close-up from a different angle.

The challenge is open until Jan 29th. It was an exciting challange for me, and I was able to combine colors that I don't usually use together, blue and red. I like how it turned out and happy that I discovered a new possibility:)



tada !


Today I made a layout inspired from stuck?! sketches.
I used some pictures of my daughter making teddybear cookies with her friend. I wanted the layout to be colorful and a little messy:) Well, children always make a mess don't they? And I wanted to express their happy faces by using bright colors.

今日はstuck?! sketches のスケッチを使って作ってみました。

I used modeling paste and acrylic paint to create this background. The texture is somehow similar to the cookies they made...A little rough :) Also, I distressed the edge of some strips of paper.

モデリングペーストとアクリル絵の具でベースを作りました。ざらざら感がクッキーの表面に似てる(笑) ペーパーの端もディストレスしました。

I placed several layers of paper and circle chipboard, and pop up dots under the pictures and flowers. I like the way they stand out and they match my daughter's attitude in the picture. showing off the cookies. That's how I came up with the title "tada!".


And here's the sketch. It's open until Jan.29th, and there are a lot of inspiring layouts there!
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sweet dreams

My second challege is a sketch from Let's Get Sketchy.
I made a layout of my daughter sleeping with her stuffed animals. She always talked to each of them, about what happened today, and then said good night. So cute :) And she will soon fall soundly asleep. She used to believe that toys move around when nobody is watching...yes, just like in the movie 'Toy story'. So I cut out girls from a Graphic45 paper, and put them in the layout like they are watching my daughter.

今回は、Let's Get Sketchy のスケッチでチャレンジ!
ぬいぐるみをいっぱい抱きかかえて寝ている娘の写真を使いました。寝る前に今日の出来事を動物たちに話してからおやすみ!と寝るのが娘の日課でした(笑) トイ・ストーリーのように、誰も見ていないとおもちゃは動いてるんだと真剣に信じていた娘。そのイメージで、ペーパーから女の子を切り出して、娘の様子を見ているような雰囲気で配置しました。

I rubbed some chocolate colored ink on each side of the paper, and splattered some more inside to make a vintage look.

For the title, I used embossed powder from Ranger, and patted some brown ink over it.


I cut out several more pieces from the paper, and made flag-like embellishments on the bottom and on top of the cut out house. I added some wooden materials and metal brads too.  I'm happy that I used the whole paper because usually there are bits and pieces left and they are likely to be ignored for a long long time...


Here is the sketch ! The challenge is open until Jan.31st.
I really get inspired by new sketches, and it was really fun making this layout.
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I've been using papers from Prima Divine Collection, and this is the last one :)
The pictures are of my daughter, on a huge swing on the top of the hill in Okinawa.
She was so excited, swinging higher and higher, so I thought this paper with the air balloon matches her feeling.
ハイジ気分で盛り上がってた娘(^○^) 気球のペーパーが合うかなと選びました。

I used a template and molding paste and added several colors of mists.
I like the rough surface of molding paste when it dries.
Then I  found some pieces of transparent die cuts in my stash (I think I've had it for years!), and decided  to use them (finally!!). I'm happy how it turned out; it matches the paper very well.
I tucked in an envelope behind the pictures, so I can keep my journal in there.

Some layers of chipboard, flowers, and ribbon.
I will make a different kind of layout next time !(hopefully)
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Love this !

My first challenge for this year is this :)
I made a layout from the fabulous December sketch of My Creative Sketches.
I used papers from Prima and some chipboards and other stash that I have.
It's difficult to see, but I colored some part of the paper with pan pastels.

今年最初のチャレンジ!色んなサイトのスケッチがありますが、まずはMy Creative Sketches

I also put some yellow mist on the banner to match the paper.

Cross stitches on the bottom.

And some more on the top.

Flowers and ribbons, and some dew drops :)
I really enjoyed making this layout.
My daughter is usually very boyish, but I realized that she has a girly part in her too (thank god !).


Here is the sketch ! The challenge is open until Jan. 14, so why not get creative ?
It's really fun. Thanks for visiting my page :)






A Happy New Year !!